General Platform Configurations | Entgra Iot Server

General Platform Configurations

The general platform configurations for Entgra IoT Server involves setting up configurations for monitoring how often the devices are enrolled with the server and for deploying the geo-analytics artifacts required for Location-Based Services [LBS] in a multi-tenant environment.

Follow the instructions below to configure the general platform settings:

  1. Sign in to the Entgra IoTS Device Management Console and click the menu icon.

  2. Click Platform Configurations.

  3. Define the Monitoring Frequency in seconds, to monitor the enforced policies on the devices, and click  SAVE.

  4. The geo-analytics artifacts are deployed by default in the Entgra IoT Server super tenant. However, if you are setting up geofencing or location based services in a multi-tenant environment, you have to deploy the geo-analytics artifacts in each tenant. 

    1.Click the menu icon.



    1. Click Deploy Geo Analytics Artifacts. You can also use this button to re-deploy the geo-analytics artifacts in super tenant mode if required.