Release Archive | Entgra Iot Server

Release Archive

This section features each successive version of the Entgra IoT server in descending order as per the release timeline.

Entgra IoT 3.4.0 is independently released as a successor to, and based on WSO2 IoT Server 3.3.1, proceeding from then onwards as Entgra releases.

Entgra IoTs 3.8.0

Release Date: 07th November, 2019

  • Corrective policy for policy violations
  • Defining policy type (General/corrective)
  • Fully rewritten App manager for performance improvement
  • Scheduled webclip/enterprise/public app uninstallments
  • Adding custom apps for IoT devices
  • Enable/Disable lock task mode
  • Display extensive device information
  • Windows PC support added to the platform
  • macOS support added to the platform
  • macOS App installation API level support
  • Windows PC Installation Apps API level support

Entgra IoTs 3.7.0

Release Date: 26th October, 2019

  • [Android] Ability to turn off or on backing up data
  • [Android] Automate enrollment by using QR code
  • [Android] [iOS] New operation to add Android/iOS application configuration
  • [iOS] New policy to install fonts
  • [iOS] Ability to control voice roaming
  • [iOS] Ability to control Data roaming
  • [iOS] Ability to control WiFi hotspot
  • [iOS] Ability to control bluetooth
  • [iOS] Ability to change wallpaper
  • [iOS] Ability to install macOS Applications
  • [iOS] New policy to add network usage rules
  • [iOS] Active Sync integration
  • [iOS] New policy to restrict the app store of macOS device
  • [iOS] Ability to create managed preferences on macOS device
  • [iOS] Ability to shut down macOS device
  • [iOS] Ability to restart macOS device
  • [Windows] Disable Adding Non-Microsoft Accounts Manually
  • [Windows] Disable Private Browsing
  • [Windows] Disable Removable Drive Indexing
  • [Windows] Restricts the users from changing language settings
  • [Windows] Disables region settings on a device
  • [Windows] Disables Cortana from the Windows search bar

Entgra IoTs 3.6.0

Release Date: 09th July, 2019

  • [Android] Ability to add third-party applications as VPN providers for Android devices (Always on VPN)
  • [Android] Ability to measure data usage in Devices
  • [Android] Ability to configure third-party applications remotely in Devices
  • [Android] New Restrictions for Android Devices in Device Owner Mode
  • [Android] Disable setting wallpapers
  • [Android] Disable Bluetooth
  • [Android] Disable Bluetooth sharing
  • [Android] Disable data roaming
  • [Android] Disable set user icon
  • [Android] Disable remote management profile
  • [Android] Disableremove user
  • [Android] Disable autofill
  • [Android] Improvements to Kiosk mode
  • [Android] New API to notify agents that a server upgrade has taken place
  • [Android] [iOS] Install certificates in devices
  • [iOS] Support for Kiosk mode
  • [iOS] New API to install/remove external profiles on Apple devices.
  • Ability to add operations to groups/lists of devices
  • New API to permanently delete devices
  • New API to query devices based on device properties
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements in UI and APIs

Entgra IoTS 3.5.0

Release Date: 24th April, 2019

  • [Android] Policy to install apps at device enrollment time
  • [Android] Policy to configure global HTTP Proxy on devices
  • [Android] QR code based Kiosk and COPE device enrollment
  • [Android] Multi-app and single app Kiosk support
  • [Android] Policy for custom theming and idle timeout videos support for Kiosks
  • [Android] User session support for Kiosk (shared device)
  • [Android] Remote configurable secure browser support for Kiosk
  • [Android] Open VPN configuration policy for Android
  • [iOS] Application block-listing and allow-listing support
  • [Android] [iOS] Background Enrollment triggering from external apps
  • [Android] Android TV OS support
  • Notify enrollment complete status to external systems
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements in UI and APIs

Entgra IoTS 3.4.0

Release Date: 11th November, 2018

Entgra IoT Server version 3.4.0 is the successor of WSO2 IoT Server 3.3.1.

  • Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for iOS devices.
  • Making Entgra IoT Server 3.3.0 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliant.
    • Removing user and device details when the user requests to be forgotten.
    • Consent management when signing in to Entgra IoT Server.
    • Consent management when enrolling devices.
    • Introduction of cookie policies and privacy policies in the device management console.