Windows | Entgra Iot Server

Windows Features

Supported Operations

Entgra IoT Server facilitates one time Operations that can be performed remotely via the Device Management Console.

The following operations can be executed on a Windows device.

Get Device InformationFetch the device's runtime information.
Get Installed ApplicationsFetch the device's current location
Wipe Device(factory reset)Wipe the entreprise portion of the device
Lock DeviceLock the device remotely. Similar to pressing the power button on the device and locking it.
Ring DeviceRing the device for the purpose of locating the device in case of misplace.
Clear PasscodeChanges the device's currently set lock code. From Android N upwards, clear passcode will not work


The following Policies can be executed on a Windows device.

Passcode policyDefine a password policy for the devices.
Encrypt storageEncrypt data on the device, when the device is locked and make it readable when the passcode is entered.
WiFi PolicyConfigure settings for accessing wireless networks.
Kiosk PolicySet up Windows OS to allow only one application to run.

Restriction Policy

Restrictions policies are those that can be applied on a device restricting or controlling the use of certain specific device features.

The following restriction policies are applicable on a Windows device.

System/AllowLocationDisable or enable location services
System/AllowUserToResetPhoneControl acces to factory reset
DisableOneDriveFileSyncDisable or enable syncing files with One drive storage
System/DisableSystemRestoreDisable or enable system restore capabilities
System/AllowStorageCardRestrict access to external storages such as SD cards or USB
Security/AllowManualRootCertificateInstallationAllow installing root certificates and intermidiate certificates
Connectivity/AllowBluetoothDisable or enable Bluetooth
Connectivity/AllowCellularDataDisable or enable mobile data
Connectivity/AllowCellularDataRoamingDisable or enable data roaming
Connectivity/AllowConnectedDevicesDisable or enable Connected Devices Platform (CDP) which allows to discover connected device
Connectivity/AllowNFCDisable or enable NFC beams
Connectivity/AllowPhonePCLinkingDisable or enable the ability to connect to perform a continious task with a link between phone and PC
Connectivity/AllowUSBConnectionDisable or enable USB connection
Connectivity/AllowVPNOverCellularDecides if a VPN can be created over mobile data
Connectivity/AllowVPNRoamingOverCellularDecides if a VPN can be created over mobile data while roaming
Disable adding non-microsoft accountsDisable adding non Microsoft based account to the device
disable private browsingDecides if private browsing is allowed on the device
disable removable drive indexingDecides if the search results contain files from removable devices
disable languageDisables language settings
disable cortana Decides if cortana is allowed on the device
disable regionDisables region settings
disble date and timeDisable changing date and time settings
assigned accessLock a user to a single application